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signed in geneva. joining me deputy security adviser. thank you for being with us today. tell me about back channel talks. they were done without most of our allies knowing, certainly without israel knowing and saudis. what was the reason for these secret negotiations? >> andrea, we've said all along that we would welcome opportunities to have direct contact with iran. over the years whether it's at the united nations through ambassador and other conversations. we said we prepared to have bilateral discussions. any contacts we had did not turn into anything that amounted to negotiations or discussions in substance until the last couple of months. we made it very clear to our partners in europe and the p5 plus 1 as well as israel that if at any point any contacts we had with iran actually turned into substantive discussions and/or negotiations they would be fully informed. indeed that's exactly what happened. all of this was done in the context of the p5 plus 1. >> doesn't that at any rate with israel make it harder for israel and the united states to have a relationship of trust when w
by foot. now, the u.s., of course, is at the forefront of the international efforts. u.s. george washington is steaming towards the philippines. eighty aircraft on board, 5,000 personnel. it will get here on thursday. already 200 marines are on the ground assessing the needs and helping get some of that aid in. now, the death toll continues to be speculative. the president aquino gave an interview a short while ago in which he said he now expected it to top out around two and a half thousand. he said the 10,000 we had seen quoted was as he put it an emotional official in the immediate aftermath of the typhoon. but clearly with half a million people displaced, the needs here are urgent and very great. as of yet the aid is not getting in and the quantities needed andrea. >> the center of the distribution efforts, the typhoon stripped hospitals of sources they needed desperately to treat ill and urged. dr. nancy snyderman visited a struggling hospital in hard hit tacloban. >> we tried our best but these are difficult times. >> dr. francis continues to treat the people of tacloban in
in the basement and then it just went right over us. >> scott, you are so lucky you had a basement to hide in. i know you must look at your loved ones when the storm passes by. you're counting everybody, making sure everybody is all right, but when you open that door to the basement and head up into your home, what did you see? >> i couldn't believe it, matt, i'll tell you. my neighbors' houses. i couldn't believe it. so we went around going to all my neighbors' houses looking for survivors. i just couldn't believe it. i've got cars and trees. my '07 galant is three houses down. i've got neighbors crawling out of the basements. my son went and helped a gentleman, a neighbor whose roof had caved in on them. it was this eerie silence with when everybody got out and all hell broke loose. >> joining me is indiana governor mike pence. i know you've been touring the damage. what is the situation now in indiana? >> the situation now in indiana is we have about 22 counties that have property damage or have a confirmed report of a touchdown of a tornado. this was a very dangerous, very fast moving storm.
is historian robert carro, author of the boo. great to see you. thank you for being with us on this important day. lets talk about that day and the decisions that were made, which you have analyzed so deeply in the passage of the power. the decision to go back to love field and have the swearing in of lbj. talk about that and what was motivating johnson and fateful phone calls, to bobby kennedy, which you write lbj said he thought was to console him but also to ask him for his blessing, really, for the swearing in and which kennedy took so badly. it really was part of the blood feud that was then to infect politics for years to come. >> johnson is in the hospital. he's just learned that president kennedy is dead. the secret service says we must get you back to the plane, take off immediately, get back to washington. we don't know if it's conspiracy. the safest place for you is in the white house. johnson says, no. i'm waiting for mrs. kennedy. they say she won't leave the hospital without her husband's body. johnson says i'll go to the plane and wait for her and the body there. i'm not taking
's okay, chris. you had us at hello. >> three more years of that coming. behind enemy lines, president obama takes his health care pitch deep into the heart of texas right into senator cruz country. >> as challenging as it may seem sometimes, as frustrating at may be sometimes, we are going to get this done. >> but from capitol hill all the way to the country music awards, the health care hits just keep coming. ♪ obama care by morning ♪ why is this taking so long >> leading the charge kirsten gillibrand joining us live as she makes the final push to change the way military changes assault cases this as one heartbreaking testimony of his wife's ordeal shines a bright onlight on the uphill battle they face. >> it takes incredible strength to pull out of that nightmare. i'm lucky i married -- i'm lucky i married someone so strong she could do it, even if she still suffers and has never been the same. >> good day to you. i'm peter alexander. today for my friend andrea mitchell, the political pressure to get running smoothly isn't just felt by the president
entire villages. so everything is wiped out. >> and salute to the veterans on this veterans day. the u.s. military is already mobilizing in the philippines. it's doing what it does, beginning to unload desperately needed emergency supplies, airlifting survivors to safer ground. join us today giving special thanks, a tribute to them and all men and women who serve our country by honoring their sacrifice today and every day. >> there's a risk that the devoted service of our veterans could fade from the forefront of our minds, that we might turn to other things. but part of the reason we're here today is to pledge that we will never forget the profound sacrifices that are made in our name. >> no deal. international talks led by the u.s. to freeze iran's nuclear program collapse in geneva over the weekend. could secretary kerry put the pieces back together again in the face of fierce opposition from israel, from arab leaders and from many in congress. >> our hope is that in the next months we can find an agreement that meets everybody's standard. this is not a race to complete just any agree
rice is now on her way back from afghanistan after being stiffed by hamid karzai on what the u.s. thought was a final deal for post-war american traps to remain as military advisers. joining me now from afghanistan is nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel. richard, rice thought she was nailing down a deal that had been negotiated by john kerry and, instead, we had either karzai being karzai or karzai trying to play to the post-war taliban or other aspects of local politics. what is your assessment? >> reporter: well, i'm not sure exactly what karzai is trying to get out of this deal, and a lot of people are speculating and there's a great deal of frustration. most afghan analysts that we've spoken to believe that this has to do with local politics and that this has to do with karzai securing a future political position for himself. in april karzai is supposed to step down. he can't run for another term. and he wants his political allies it to win and he wants himself to have a future role in politics. so how does he ensure that? he can ensure that by -- to be strong and
. they let me up, took the cuffs off and ran us into i don't know what terminal it is but locked us down. now we're sitting here with a bunch of other passengers. they caught the guy? they are telling me security just said they caught him. >> somebody telling you with security, with tsa, lapd? >> it looked like an employee, maybe tsa but they said they caught somebody. >> you never got a good description of the shooter, right? >> i didn't actually see the shooter. i was up looking down. he was down in the lower area. i didn't actually see. >> did you see other people being detained who might have been running for cover like you were? >> a couple of guys who ran out on the tarmac got detained briefly. we were all herded off the tarmac with all the employees, the guys from the plane, all that, and put into another terminal. >> nick, dramatic moments. again, he was on the mezzanine there at terminal 3, virgin america. >> nick pugh was an eyewitness to at least the aftermath of the shooting and detained himself. tory, another eyewitness. tory, tell me what you saw? >> i was in the terminal, in th
come up with anticipating the questions, coming up with one-liners to use in the debate, and the president resolved he was going to do it. they also gave him a lot of coaching. they came up with phrases to remind him how he had to focus on theatricality, hates to say -- every time he said an answer he was supposed to speak quickly and be theatrical. before the debate he felt confident he could turn it around. again, as we say in the book, a lot of advisers went into the debate biting nails not sure he would turn it around. david plouffe said if there's another bad debate we could lose this election. there was a profanity in that sentence which i left out here. >> the first lady weighed in, so did former president bill clinton who they call big dog. what roll did they play in getting the president back on track? >> bill clinton at that point after having one of the great things about the book is the way we trace the relationship with bill clinton and barack obama during the whole term, particularly the election year. by the time theta to the second debate, bill clinton wa
to happen, we're saying, hey, it's not on us. this is on the insurance company. this is on the state insurance commissioners which the president noted did happen even before this law went into effect. there is no way, nothing that was announced today mandates that anybody that got a cancellation notice that wanted to keep their policy, nothing today mandates the insurance company that issued that cancellation notice has to reissue. that's why the insurance industry is mad because essentially they are mad they are about to get a bumnch of ba pr. a lot of them, they are not sure what the incentive is to do this. the most regardingable thing about today, how much the president tried to take all the blame for the bad politics of this and tried to deflect it away from congress and capitol hill. clearly the senate democrats who unloaded, been unloading on the white house behind the scenes, house democrats with white house staffers up there, if anything, seems to me the president who rarely does this in public. message received. get mad at me. don't blame democrats who stood by my so long.
denies the u.s. troop is open ended. >> years and years. >> let me put this very clearly. >> please. >> we are not talking about years and years. that is not what is contemplated. >> certainly what the afghans say. they confirmed a letter from the president. >> that is not what is contemplated years and years. it is way shorter than years and years. >> north korea, back channel talks to try and free an 85-year-old california man, korean war vet, grandfather detained while touring pyongyang. >> they should release him. >> among other men. they have other people, too. these are all very, very disturbing choices by the north koreans of. >> are the chinese helpful? >> yes. >> harry reid goes nuclear and passes an unprecedented change. stopping filibusters. >> the senate is a living thing. to survive it, it has to change. >> we're not interested in having a gun to our head any longer. you'll regret this and sooner than you think. >> could the jumbo jet stuck at an airport on a short runway finally make liftoff? >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. and before foreign relations
knows a sucker's deal. they're the ones who sold us louisiana. we should have saved the receipt. and now our president's been out-toughed by the french. that's like being out-sobered by the toronto mayor rob ford. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the growing death toll in the philippines has risen to more than 2300 today. chaos has erupted among some survivors desperate for food and water. eight people were killed today when mobs overran a rice warehouse in tacloban, the island hit hardest by the storm. the mayor is urging residents to leave the city. security forces exchanged fire with a gang today while trying to maintain order. ian williams joins me now with the latest from manila. ian, this situation getting more and more desperate. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, andrea. we're hearing promises of more aid, of gaining momentum for this massive aid effort. but the reality on the ground is that still very little is getting through to these desperate communities. the u.s. ambassador a little earlier today was put on the spot by local television. he said
the truth. >> defiance, embattled toronto mayor ford won't go quietly even after admitting to using illegal drugs and his city council strips him of his powers. >> all i can say is that actions speak louder than words. i invite you to come back, give me five or six months, if they do not see a difference, i'll eat my words. >>> good day, i'm luke russert in washington for my friend andrea mitchell. the midwest has begun a massive cleanup after the devastating storms that tore through the region yesterday. at least 59 tornadoes have been confirmed in that area as new cell phone video emerges taken near washington, illinois. eight deaths were reported, six in illinois, 86,000 homes without power as residents are left to grapple with the devastation. >> i was in shock, which i think i still am. >> nobody has anything left. it's all gone. it's just all gone. >> this is the deadliest series of tornadoes illinois has ever had in the month of november. our mission now is to recover. we will recover. we will preview. >> joining me now ron allen. what is the latest on the ground in illinois?
insights this day after election day. >>> and joining us now live from capitol hill, wyoming senator john brasso, chairman of the republican policy committee. thanks so much for joining me this afternoon. >> thank you, kristen. thanks for having me. >> i want to the start off with the victory in new jersey, chris christie. as we've just been talking about, he seems to have solved a lot of the gop electoral problems, grabbing a majority of hispanic voters, also big returns among women, african-american voters. on papers, he's the kind of winner your party seems to need, but do you think the more the conservative republicans see him as a major part of your future? do you think conservative republicans are not ready to embrace him? >> i think all republicans and conservatives want to win the presidency three years ago. that election is still a long ways to go. we'll have a spirited primary contest. clearly, the disappointment and disgust around the country with this president's health care law, i think, is going to be a driving issue through the 2014 election. i think it'll continue through
deal obtained by richard engel would commit u.s. troops until the end of 2024 and beyond. we'll have a live report from kabul on what this would mean for those serving in america's longest war. >> we came here for a mission, and we take care of the mission and we go home. >>> battle lines. the fight to have outside prosecutors take over military assault cases. but on this, the senate sister hood is divided. >> we should not do what the generals are telling us to do. this is our job. >> we will be creating more problems than we will be solving if we make the change as advocated by senator jill brand. >> and the legacy lives on. 50 years after president kennedy first established the medal of freedom, president obama presented the awards to legends today from ernie banks to oprah winfrey and bill clinton. and moments from now we'll be going live to arlington national cemetery. president obama and former president clinton will lay a wreath at kennedy's grave, the eternal flame. and as we mark this anniversary of his death this week, robert mcneil and jim lair will be joining me,
with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today. >>> people still show up undecided. as long as they show up, we're happy to talk to him. >> who knows? polls are open, people are voting. anything can happen. >> on "andrea mitchell reports," super tuesday. voters heading to the polls on this important decision day across the country. in virginia the race for governor has been crowded with high-profile surrogates stumping for terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli. today it's all about who supporters turn out to vote. in the garden state governor chris christie is aiming to run up the score in his re-election bid and there are 312 races for mayor today including the election to replace new york city mayor michael bloomberg after two years in office. every race covered including what tonight's winners and losers could forecast for each party's future. >> you watch what's going to happen tomorrow. i absolutely believe what you're going to see tomorrow is something that hasn't happened in this state in a generation. i had all kinds of folks
for us. katy, what about delays? >> reporter: hey, a lot of delays across the country. there are about 2.4 million people traveling by air today. 250 flights have been canceled so far today within the united states. that's inbound and outbound. about 481 right now are delayed. just a few minutes ago there were only 239 canceled. so means there are still problems going on across the country as we speak. if you're going to the airport and seeing there's no weather problems where you are, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. if you're flying somewhere that has bad weather or somewhere that's delayed because of other bad weather, you're going to run into problems. here at laguardia, there's not too many delays for outbound flights. only a handful fuful as of now. most of 15 minutes to an hour and a half in terms of waiting, which really isn't that bad. the inbound flights are much different. an hour delay for inbound flights here. about two hours down at philly. 30 minutes at newark, which is a lot better than we were seeing a few hours ago. travelers so far say they expected it to be a
. >> joining us for our daily fix chris cillizza and white house reporter jackie collins. chris, i'll begin with you. the apology gets the headlines, a big part of the interview. the most notable point he made is the insist answer the administration is looking for what he calls administrative fixes. he says administrative not legislative fixes. how does that sit with congress? >> probably not that well. you've got democrats and republicans looking for ways to make legislative fixes. there's a lot of agitation. we saw this. many of the vulnerable democrats in 2014 in places like louisiana, north carolina, alaska, arkansas. these are people who need to provide distance from obama care from the president up at the white house this week. they want to show they are doing things to try to make this bill work better. what they don't want to do is in some ways what the administration is advising. just wait, by the end of the month the website will be better, things moving in the right direction. they don't want to wait all that time. >> jackie, did the white house accomplish what it needed to with
they can really carry that off. that is the great uncertainty that's surrounding us. >> white house briefing started. lets listen to baa bit of jay carney discussing this and we'll be right back. >> you have actuaries saying -- because they are not taking into account what hhs will be able to do? is that what you're saying. >> i haven't seen actuaries report. i'm saying hhs has the capacity because of provision within the aca to make adjustments in this risk corridor to deal with changes in cost, swings in cost associated with either more or less risk within the pool of people insured. the way it works if costs are higher, then hhs can mitigate those costs with insurers. if costs come significantly lower, then insurers replenish the fund by passing back some of those profits back. >> david gregory, if costs come in lower than we think. when is that going to happen in the real world. the insurance executives are going in this afternoon. the president's announcements yesterday which sounded like a fix to the uninformed aren't a fix because it's basically saying please may i to the ins
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